Aftabnet Communication Group

    ACG, is an ensemble of leader and pioneer companies; active in marketing communication, advertising and media industry of Iran. [read more]

    From day one, ACG was always about the “Creative Communication” and “Telling the Stories” of its clients. For 17 years and beyond growing the business, Aftabnet has always been developed when clients needed more powerful tools and gears for their marketing communications. This will always be the path for business development and growth for the group. The followings are 5 companies in the ACG family:

    Aftab Co. Advertising Agency

    “Aftab Co.” Advertising Agency, as the main creative and strategic agency of the group, was established in 1999 and has been a strong . . . read more

    Ayeneh Aftab Media Agency

    “Aeyeneh Aftab” Media Agency which was established in 2002, is the media planning and buying arm of the Aftabnet Communication . . . read more

    Aftab Production Company

    “Aftab” Production Company was formed in 2006 as one of the largest private independent production companies in Iran. The company . . . read more

    Tasvir Aftab Institute of Art & Culture

    “Tasvir Aftab” Institute of Art and Culture, manages many other cultural business side of the Aftabnet Communication Group; since . . . read more

    Iranians’ Media Sales House

    As the largest media Sales house in the country, Iran Media Sales House owns the largest Media rights in broadcasting media (TV, Radio) . . . read more


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