ACG (Aftabnet Communication Group), is an ensemble of leader and pioneer companies in the marketing communication, advertising and media industry of Iran. The core of this group was established in 1999 when due to the policy changes in National television about privatization of TV commercials, Co-founders Reza Haddad and Maziyar Habibiniya chose to alter their partnership from television productions to advertising and pursue their mutual passionate dream of generating and selling innovative and creative communication ideas. Hence, they founded “Aftab Co. Advertising Agency“.

Very soon and with the support of wonderful group of clients , trust and confidence they generously invested; that enthusiastic and passionate core, grew strong and became a young groundbreaking ad agency who surprised the entire industry by standing among the top 5 agencies, ranked by the volume of annual advertising distribution in Iran. This powerful performance opened many other new doors and aided the agency to take a stand in the Media industry as well. This was the year of 2002, the very same year that “Ayeneh Aftab Media Agency” was founded.

Right after that successful year, Aftabnet became the very first and only Iranian and the 2nd Asian company who was granted with the membership of the reputable international association of “egta“, the European association of television and radio sales houses; and continued growing and expanding with the research department and modern media planning tools and techniques for television.

This steady development led the company to the point that other than the Ad Agency and the Media House, a professional and creative Production House was essential for the group to be able to walk strong in the line of sustainable development and towards the vision of the company. So, “Aftab Production House” was established in 2006 with the advanced and state of the art equipment and made Aftabnet, one of the most sophisticated groups in the full service advertising industry of Iran. With the added engine of the production house, the golden years of the group started and Aftabnet group took over the top rank of the advertising agencies in Iran for the first time, a rank that up until this day, remains for the group. [Read More...]

Tasvir Aftab Institute of Art & Culture

“Tasvir Aftab” Institute of Art and Culture, manages many other cultural business sides of the Aftabnet Communication Group; since art and culture has always been a passion for both of ACG co-founders, Reza Haddad and Maziyar Habibiniya who have cultural and artistic academic backgrounds themselves. The institute derived from that passion; to promote and deepen the culture among the different communities and to share and present intellectual insights to the society. This entity has several other roots; each to pursue a certain interest of the founders. Here are to name a few:

Aftabnet Magazine: An intellectual art and cultural monthly magazine which is being published since August 2012; covering stories and articles on social, music, theater, cinema, and visual arts.

Aftab Theater Company: As one of the very few private theater companies in Iran, this non-profit foundation is motivated to develop creative, research and educational activities in performing and dramatic arts in both national and international levels. The Aftab Theater Company has already produced several big production plays, had performed in different Asian, European and African countries and received much valuable recognition.

Aftab Movie Production: Since 2014 Tasvir Aftab Institute of Art and Culture, embraced an opportunity to open arms towards another artistic line; Cinema. Collaborating with the director and good colleague Kaveh Ebrahimpour in producing the movie “Yahya Didn’t Keep Quite” was the first and a wonderful experience.

Aftabnetdaily website: Is an online media parallel to the Aftabnet Magazine which more over of re-publishing the magazine’s articles and profiles, has more of a multimedia approach and cover the artistic and cultural news and events on a daily basis.

Iranians’ Media Sales House

As the largest media Sales house in the country, Iranians’ Media Sales House has the largest Media rights in broadcasting media (TV, Radio), Outdoor and Transit Media sectors in Iran. Below are some of the media rights of this company:

* 34 Radio and 34 TV channels in 34 provinces of Iran
* Over 100 billboards and bridge-boards in Tehran (Around 6100 sqm.)
* 150 Straboards in Tehran
* 35 billboards in the newly opened highway from Tehran to the northern provinces (Marzan’abad-Chalous)
* Bus body advertising in Tehran with 1548 buses in 98 lines and 4,400,000 average daily passengers
* Inside wagon metro advertising in Tehran with 99 trains, 5 lines, 169 km and 3,794,000 average daily trips

Aftab PR & DC Agency

Aftab PR & DC Agency, which delivers Moder Public Relations, Media Relations and the comprehensive content to distribution for Digital Communications

Didehban Aftab Market Research Company

Didehban Aftab Market Research Company, as the eyes and ears of the group, which listens to the consumers and watches the market, in order to accurately guide the marketing communications of the clients


So, the market grew and the clients developed their businesses; with ACG growing alongside of them. And now it has been 9 years that base on the amount of projects, the revenue and the official rankings released by the responsible authorities, Aftabnet Communication Group has been the leader of the Advertising industry of Iran; which was an industry with approximately $1,150 bn market capital in 2015. To present the ACG position in the industry, the following graphs show the Market shares of top 10 advertising agency/group in the past 5 years and by their TV & Radio distribution contracts. Needless to say that the national TV is by far, the largest media sector in Iran, where about 60% of the marketing budgets are spend.


Passion and commitment have always been a big part of the ACG culture. Standing by the clients, and committing to fully satisfy their requirements to have an effective communication and impressive relation with their target groups, is the backbone of this group of companies. Everything in ACG is pointed into the direction of client’s satisfaction; from the amount and power of the human recourses to the fast response and comprehensive services. Aftabnet group always had an excellent, productive and sustainable relationship with the clients and stood by them and supported them throughout the years, even in their rainy days. ACG has 245 clients so far. These are mostly the top brands and industry leaders of Iran and following charts show ACG’s performance towards the group clients:


It says something about you when you can reach the top and stand your ground for half of your life. The Aftabnet group has been the leader in advertising industry of Iran for the past 9 years and out of 17 years of its history. The secret which empowers ACG to stand its ground all these years lies at the heart of the group; where, throughout smart and sustainable investments in human resources, conducting constant organizational growth and employee loyalty programs, the founders plant the seed of leadership and creative breakthrough manners, in the heart of each and every member of this group. Below graphs are self-explanatory:


All the things that happens under the roof of the ACG, is about telling the story of the clinets and their brands. Stories that people want to hear, stories that are creative, effective and engaging. Everyone can tell a story; that is the easy part. But “how” to tell it, how to engage with the audience, how to make a fresh, strong and sustainable connection through that story; that is an expertise. And that is what Aftabnet Communication Group has to offer. Here you will see some graphs and charts which shows how many stories we told and how much they grew in the past years: