Aftab Co. Advertising Agency

    “Aftab Co.” Advertising Agency, as the main creative and strategic agency of the group, was established in 1999 and has been a strong player among the top 3 ad agencies of the country for the past 11 years.

    This company, as a full service ad agency has developed a smart and flexible structure to satisfy all the needs of the clients. Through the creative advertising and strategic communication expertise, the agency has the average number of 130 comprehensive advertising campaigns per year. Aftab Co. Advertising Agency has over 80 professional staff in the following Departments:


    • Relationship Management & Direct Marketing
    • Clients Services: 27 Account Managers, managing the client’s projects as their advocates
    • Strategy & MARCOM Department: Professional Planers consultants for messaging strategy, campaign and communication strategy and comprehensive branding and marketing activities
    • Creative Department: 6 independent creative teams with 6 creative directors and 20 Copywriters
    • Design Studio: 4 Design Stations with 4 art directors & 20 graphic designers