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    Iran Radiator is a leader in  utility systems. It has been performing for many years in Iran as one of the most well-known manufacturers of heating systems. During the recent years it has also focused on its line of wall water boiling and package unit systems which is considered a modern product compared to the traditional one. In order to build communication with a new generation on a modern product, a new campaign was developed. A campaign that was based on the heritage the brand had; a character.

    Creative Strategy

    One of the most recognizable elements of the brand has always been the brand character who appeared in several TV commercials. It was a polar bear named “uncle Yadegar” who lived in caves and was always confident about the fact that Iran radiator would bring warmth to his house, and as a polar bear he no longer needs to stay in his cave for the winter sleep. In order to remind the audience of that memorable ad and communicate with the younger audience as well, a new character was born. He was considered to be uncle Yadegar’s grandchild. He was young, energetic and modern, resembling a Teddy bear which is somewhat a popular element of modern family life. A musical TV commercial was produced with an energetic modern music and as well as a new Tag-line: “Poshtam garmeh”. The actual translation of the tagline is “I Have a Warm Back”, which is a catchphrase in Farsi as if “I am supported”.


    The new concept was developed into several TV and radio ads. The character and the Tagline also appeared on billboards. When the TV commercials aired, a huge buzz could easily be heard. The character, the tagline, the music and the concept became very popular. It became one of the most memorable TV commercials in the country which was remembered by everyone and even sung by children. The song and the TVC also became viral on social networks, making it even more popular. It is an undeniable manifestation of a successful advertising campaign.


    TV Commercial