Ayeneh Aftab Media Agency

    “Aeyeneh Aftab” Media Agency which was established in 2002, is the media planning and buying arm of the Aftabnet Communication Group. The company has extensive experiences and superb specialty in strategic, comprehensive and objective oriented media planning.


    As Aftabnet is the only Iranian company as the official member of egta associations since 2002; Aeyeneh Aftab Media Agency as part of the ACG, has significant resources and access to a tremendous technical database on the brand new media planning and developing tools and techniques in European and Canadian Media sales houses. More over those valuable information, the relationship between the two parties has always been an added value for the group; since Aftabnet Communication Group has had the professional and academic support of the egta all along the way, to empower and arm the staff to deliver the best services possible to the clients. The following rates and records from 2014, speak for themselves:


    • 208,500 Broadcasting Media Planning
      • TV Commercials: 130,500 Spots | 5,580,000 Seconds
      • Radio Commercials: 78,000 Spots | 2,770,000 Seconds
    • 920 OOH Media Planning
    • 1,500 Mix Media Planning