Iranians’ Media Sales House

    As the largest media Sales house in the country, Iranians’ Media Sales House has the largest Media rights in broadcasting media (TV, Radio), Outdoor and Transit Media sectors in Iran. Below are some of the media rights of this company:


    • 34 Radio and 34 TV channels in 34 provinces of Iran
    • Over 100 billboards and bridge-boards in Tehran (Around 6100 sqm.)
    • 150 Straboards in Tehran
    • 35 billboards in the newly opened highway form Tehran to the northern provinces (Marzan’abad-Chalous)
    • Bus body advertising in Tehran with 1548 buses in 98 lines and 4,400,000 average daily passengers
    • Inside wagon metro advertising in Tehran with 99 trains, 5 lines, 169 km and 3,794,000 average daily trips


    This company also has the largest Internet ad network for online advertising in Iran. Through a strategic partnership with DMC, Iranian Media Sales House has full access to more than 7’500 websites in 12 different categories and 2’800 active banners.