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    Iran Media landscape:

    One of the very first steps in developing a communication plan, is knowing and analyzing the tools and mediums you can use to communicate with your desired target groups. Although media is becoming a universal concept; but in each country, in each culture and in each community, Media has a different positioning and efficiency. Based on the infrastructure, rules and regulations, consumption habits, values and of course the lifestyles; Iran has familiar yet interesting media landscape. ACG media and research teams have prepared a summary report out of a comprehensive research on that regard. If you would like to have a deeper observation, contact us and we will form up a presentation for you.

    Iran Media Consumption Habits:

    People have different habits; whether its in their buying, eating, driving, traveling and even entertainment, people from different SEC(s) have different behaviors towards different aspects of their lives. And obviously, in order to communicate with them more accurately and effectively; we need to know these habits. Especially when the context is marketing communication, we need to analyze the media consumption habits of our target groups.

    Because each group of people, use media in different ways and based on various demographic features. They have different media mix and they use their desired media through various ways. They follow different contents and display different approaches and reactions towards information gained by each medium. The concept of media habit/consumption, as one of the consumers’ behavioral parameters, measures and analyzes the amount and the routine of using different media.

    We believe, in order to establish an impressive relationship with audiences and also to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities, this process is imperative. Cognition of media habits is one of the criteria upon which the audiences could be categorized and based on that, more optimal communication strategies could be applied in marketing.

    The objective of this research which is an annual project for us as a product of  ACG research team, is to address the amount and type of consuming the most important media in Iran such as audio-visual, print, digital and outdoor media and at the end, each sub-group is analyzed and compared based on demographic variables. If you were interested on having the full research on Iran Media Consumption Habits, contact us and we will form up a presentation for you.