This is Iran

    Discovering The True Iran

    “Iran is a sophisticated country with over 80 million people and very high levels of education.”
    Sir Martin Sorrell


    Assessment of the target market and considering its society and culture variables is an intelligent approach on structuring strategies for communications, international marketing and business development. As Sir Martin Sorrell; wisely mentioned it as 2016 vision for WPP, knowing the society, its culture, potentials and insights is necessary for expanding business boundaries to this alluring market.

    Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa region, very rich by gas and oil reservoirs, copper, gold and lots of other mines and minerals. Iran is 1.648.195 km wide (6 times bigger than UK and 20s than EU) and it rates second in population in the region, with close to 80 million citizens (8 times more than Sweden and a little more than Turkey). These numbers all defines strategic and geopolitical position of Iran in the mystic Middle East.

    The latest census from 2 years ago shows that Iran had 78.941.806 populations back then; with 1.3 growth rates. Most of the population were within the range of 20-34 years old which shows the young population structure of the country. Literacy rate was 83%. About 4.400 million of the population were university students. 76% of them were studying in bachelors and masters degree.

    People are the most sustainable and valuable wealth in commercial development, a treasure which has no alternative for that to turn the wheels of the economy of a country. Young, active, well-informed and high-educated population structure enrich this property. Young and educated population structure of Iran not only illustrates a solid and sustainable human resources for business development, but also draws a strategic map for those companies who are interested to expand their activities in Iran; to know what they have to deal with: well aware consumers. The consumers who have cultural sensitivities and do not get convinced easily.

    And here is where ACG comes in! To adapt and transform your marketing plans into accurate communication objectives, develop them to creative communication and messaging strategies and effectively connecting with your desired consumers and target groups.

    Here and in this page, we share some contents that can help picture a realistic image of the “True Iran” as a sophisticated country; with lots of potentials and values; a country far more advanced that you might have heard through the media.