Tasvir Aftab Institute of Art & Culture

“Tasvir Aftab” Institute of Art and Culture, manages many other cultural business sides of the Aftabnet Communication Group; since art and culture has always been a passion for both of ACG co-founders, Reza Haddad and Maziyar Habibiniya who have cultural and artistic academic backgrounds themselves.

Aftabnet Magazine:An intellectual art and cultural monthly magazine which is being published since August 2012.

Aftab Theater Company: As one of the very few private theater companies in Iran, the Aftab Theater Company has already produced several big production plays, had performed in different Asian, European and African countries and received much valuable recognition
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Aftab Movie Production: Since 2014 Tasvir Aftab Institute of Art and Culture, embraced an opportunity to open arms towards another artistic line; Cinema. Collaborating with the director and good colleague Kaveh Ebrahimpour in producing the movie “Yahya Didn’t Keep Quite” was the first and a wonderful experience.
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Aftabnetdaily website: Is an online media parallel to the Aftabnet Magazine.
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